This week I worked on decluttering my clothes collection. I definitely agree that this was an easy category to start with – I am pretty impressed with what I got through with just a couple of minutes here and there over the week.

I must confess that we did a bit of a clothes clean out before Baby A arrived to make some shelf space for his clothes. I did a bit of a half hearted job, and my husband decluttered too thoroughly and realised he had no t-shirts left for summer!

In any case, this meant I was in a good starting place already, with a good bulk of unused clothes already discarded or off to charities. I was quite surprised with how many clothes I still had, and how many more I was able to let go of.

One bag of old worn out clothes has been thrown out, one bag to charity with a couple more to be washed before also going to charity. I did keep a few items that didn’t exactly spark joy, but that I know I can use for scrap material and buttons for sewing, which I’m entirely sure Ms Kondo would approve of but there we go.

I really found basing the sorting process on whether or not something ‘sparked joy’ surprisingly natural. I thought maybe at first it would be awkward, but it was sort of refreshing to pick something up and be honest to yourself about how it makes you feel. I found there were a few items which I once really loved or are gifts from a long time ago which I was not using but holding on to, and approaching them with an acknowledgement of the joy they already brought me in the past made it much easier to decide to let them go, and perhaps bring joy to someone else!

I am currently in the ‘putting away’ phase and am really enjoying how my wardrobe looks at the moment. Everytime I open it, I spend a couple of extra seconds basking in how good seeing only clothes I really like neatly organised in there is.

I have to admit when I first read a description of the konmari folding method, and the part in the book where she says all her clients say folding is ‘fun’, I thought “really…. 😒”. But I have been converted.

It seemed really weird and complicated at first purposefully folding things so that they would stand on their end, but once I got the first one, it was strangely satisfying. Folding and putting away had become sort of like a game, like I am forced to be mindful about it and conciously think about where each item lives in the wardrobe.

And NOW, I understand how useful it is to have everything stacked that way. When I open the wardrobe, I can see everything, and when I decide what to take out, it doesn’t disturb anything else that’s there.

I used to just fold everything up as quick as possible, chuck them in piles and stuff them in the shelf wherever they would fit. When I took something out everything would get all messed up and I wouldn’t be able to find things.

I’m really pleased about how much better I feel with that sorted. So far it seems to be easy to maintain too. I suppose it remains to be seen whether I do or not though!

Next I will tackle Baby As clothes, except that I want to keep and store a decent portion of clothes for Baby B.