Well, it’s been a little while, and I’ve been busy! My Konmari project was kind of in fast forward for the last couple of weeks due to us rearranging the house and furniture to accommodate for Baby B. My husband was the main rearranger, and decided one weekend we would just do it. I had serious reservations because my plan was to konmari everything first, and then move everything to avoid displacing all the ‘stuff’ that mainly needs to be sorted and thrown out anyway. But my husband just jumped in and did it anyway so I had no real choice but to play along! After a slight nervous breakdown!

So two weeks on and the are still bags of stuff and piles of things all over the floor 😒 but, I’ve got alot done.

Clothes – my gosh finally got that done, sorted the rest of the clothes and my wardrobe is joy inducing. Baby As clothes were quite easy to get through too, anything too small was put away, and the rest is also sitting joy-inducingly on his shelf. Baby A had an absolute ball participating in the vacuum packing of his old clothes too!

Books – this wasn’t too hard. Although I love reading, I feel like it’s never been something I have been able to spend much money on – except for textbooks which comprise about 50 percent of what I own. It wasn’t hard to decide which textbooks to let go – out of date books, and particularly the ones I still had from requisite courses that I didn’t particularly enjoy or find useful. The only thing with textbooks is they feel like such a big investment it feels funny just getting rid of them, so I’ve set myself some time to sell the left over ones and if they don’t sell I will find somewhere to donate them. I don’t really have alot of other books, but there were a few that I really felt no connection with, and know I won’t read, so those are gone too. Baby As books are all in high rotation so they are all staying.

I managed to get books and clothes done before rearranging the house! 😀

Papers –  I knew papers were going to be hard. At work I have been conditioned to record and file everything, and if I do throw something out, completely destroy it. I think I had saved up records for the whole of my adult life – all the payslips and tax returns from my first job onwards, and omg the volume of bank statements was overwhelming. Add to that medical invoices and receipts and insurance claims. It was easy to decide which papers were to go (most of it), but I knew where I would get stuck was how to dispose of it. So before I started even sorting, I researched a suitable bulk shredding service and prepared bags to fill with documents needing shredding (most of them). It took the best part of a week to get through everything – I sorted as we rearranged – any papers that came off shelves or out of drawers were Not going back in them. But now papers are done! Ugh, I don’t know how many bags there were because I threw out as I went, but it feels like there is soooo much more space. Excellent!

So now I’m on to ‘komono’ – miscellaneous/sentimental items – which is probably going to be the hardest, but I know there is alot of stuff that I can get rid of so in a way I’m looking forward to it. Also, since most of it is in piles on the floor still, the motivation to get through it is real.

I’m sorting cds/DVDs now – why do we have so many cds? I can’t even remember the last time I used a cd…